The kart for the Rotax Max DD2 class, CRG has been part of the DD2 concept from the very beginning and has during that time led the development of karts for DD2.

It has the best available 4-wheel brakes with a really good feel. CRG’s superior brakes can be found on a variety of brands and are unbeatable with long service life on brake discs and brake pads.

DD2 classes

Rotax Max DD2 has an international age limit of 15 years to compete (18 years in some countries).

To be able to train and compete, you need a karting license, you get it after a simple cource at a local karting club or track.

Rotax Max DD2

The engine with 34 horses has direct drive, which Rotax is the only one in karting. Their concept called “No Chain No Pain” really speaks for itself. No sticky chain oil to take care of, no problems with chains jumping and causing problems.

The gearing can be easily replaced by removing the screws on the side cover without removing the engine and with your fingers only take out two gears and replace them with others to alternate gear for different paths.

The engine has two gears and a neutral position, which you switch between with paddles on the steering wheel.

Electric start

The ignition system from Dellorto is the basis for the control of the engine, which is completely electronic. You start the engine with the push of a button on the integrated battery holder


  • Maximum speed of 14800 rpm
  • Top speed: Up to 140, depending on gear ratio
  • Weight: 90 kg ready to ride
  • Engine service interval: 25 hours small service, 40 hours large service
  • Fuel tank 9 l
  • Brakes hydraulically with brake wave
  • Max width 1400 mm