CRG has now made a perfect version of its classic KT2 model. CRG KT2 is adjustable in every way and above all its unique ability to adjust the wheelbase by + – 1 cm that affects more than you might think on different tracks. It provides a great opportunity to directly adapt the kart to suit the driver.

An advantage of a CRG KT2 is that it works directly by default, all settings that work are already there by default. All other options for adjustments are only there for fine-tuning.

The chassis is complete with most details including rims in magnesium to get the right weight and balance into the chassis. CRG KT2 is a premium model so it has no extra equipment to buy, everything is already included.

CRG has a unique way of adjusting the camber and caster in the front trailer, it is very easy to quickly adjust the angles and get them where you want them.

Aerodynamic side boxes and front spoiler to minimize air resistance.

Complete Rotax Max Evo 2021

Complete with the latest Rotax Max engine fully mounted on the chassis.